How to Prospect Like a Headhunter

I wanted to share this short video I found on headhunters.

Fitness Groups Share Weight Loss Advice

Recently we have had several fitness gurus stop in to offer our members a course on yoga and fitness as a way to network. It’s a great way to meet new people but also get in shape at the same time. Many people are beginning to fail their New Year’s resolution (or already have!) so this helps encourage our members to stay commited and also meet new people in the industry.

Last week we had an expert dietician in house that offered plenty of advice on cooking and meal plans. She was born in Brazil but has since moved to the USA with her family to pursue a job as a personal trainer. We all know how popular the “Brazilian Butt Lift” videos can be, so she is no stranger to the secrets that help you get in shape and lose weight.

goji berry exerciseShe gave a brief course in which she explained that diet plays one of the most if not the most signifiant role in the amount of weight you can lose. You might think that running or exercising frequently will contribute the most, but according to her it has far more to do with what you eat. Knowing how to avoid carbs and eating plenty of fruit such as the goji berry can be quite effective in making small but meaningful gains. Peanuts, raisins, and prunes were also on her list of foods that can provide quite a health boost to the average person.

In order to slim down, she practices a strict regiment of early morning jogging followed by yoga, and then another trip to the gym to hit the stairmaster for about an hour before her final meal. She will then try to get to bed early in order to wake up the next morning to repeat the process.

Mariana is now a top personal trainer and comes from a land where the women look good and stay in shape! You can check out the company she used to represent by visiting

New Chapter Announcement – Career Group

We would like to announce the grand opening of the new PA chapter of Unity Allardt. Planning for this has been in the works for quite some time and we are happy to finally get back into the swing of things in Philadelphia. For the most part, the goal of this group will continue to be the ongoing support and networking events that will take place over the course of the year. This site will help us keep everything organized with announcements coming frequently.

We believe that the beginning of a strong career begins with a good foundation of skills and partnerships. Our educational gatherings and networking events allow companies to find and place well-qualified candidates that they may have otherwise never discovered. Using the resources that we provide, our hope is that IT professionals, engineers, and those skilled in manufacturing will rise to the occasion as we introduce them to new an exciting career paths.

local recruiting company

We even encourage the arrangment of a job interview on the spot. If you firmly believe that the person you are talking to might be a good fit for your organization, why not just begin the process right away! This is why we also require all members to attend with résumé in hand and dressed well for the occasion.

From time to time we will also have speakers from local staffing companies and recruitment agencies that will be available to provide expert insight into the current job market as well as answer any questions you may have on the interview process. These individuals have years of experience serving the Philadelphia area, as well as suburbs such as Lansdale PA. It’s never a better time to join the group!

Also, keep note that we will be providing training videos along the way, so check back often to find updates and plenty of tips. Starting a new career can be a challenging time and we want you to be prepared for every interview that you land.

In the mean time, visit our partner website to get to know some of the team members. You can learn about a staffing agency in Lansdale PA and how they have managed to help hundreds of candidates find jobs in software development and computer code.

Coming Soon!

Our club is back – this page will be live soon!